When we talk about traditional business structure, we think in terms of hierarchy, top-down leadership, and oppressive work environments. We embody these inorganic structures and we feel the pain that this brings to our work life, both as the business owner and as the employee. This workshop is intended to offer an alternative model for business leaders to adopt -- an organizational model (and way of working) that is healthier. Because, there is #AnotherWay. And, it's the way of Conscious Capitalism, purpose-driven business, and the global, social enterprise.

So, in this workshop, we learn about a more organic approach towards business that nurtures the individual, allows for the team to feel the joy of growing as the business moves forward, and highlights the psychosomatic connection of a business body in motion to the living in potential of the humans who work within that ecosystem. This is #ArtsMeetsBiz. IMPORTANT: There will be movement as part of this workshop, so please wear something comfortable. And, as we explore various principles related this type of business, we will practice movement activities that demonstrate the idea in action.

Led by Choreographer & Business Strategist, Mathew Heggem #TheDancingCEO


311 West 43rd Street
New York

Room 13B

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