Families First & NY State COVID-19 Laws Affecting All NY Employers


วันศุกร์ , เมษายน 3 ( 13:30 - 15:30 )

Big Business Solutions for Small Business Companies in NYC

Getting Your House in Oder - Foundation labor & Employment Compliance for Small Businesses

Lenox Health Greenwich Village
New York
วันพฤหัสบดี , ทำลาย 19 ( 16:00 - 18:00 )
200 W 13th Street Room 643
Philippe Chow Downtown
New York
วันจันทร์ , กุมภาพันธ์ 24 ( 18:00 - 20:00 )
355 West 16th Street

Safe City Safe Streets - 2019 Annual Awards Luncheon

Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue (at 14th Street)
New York, NY
วันพฤหัสบดี , ธันวาคม 12 , 2019 ( 12:30 - 15:00 )
80 Fifth Avenue, 17th Floor
Various Locations on Bleecker Street
New York
วันเสาร์ , พฤศจิกายน 23 , 2019 ( 11:00 - 19:00 )
Bleecker Street
  • Platinum Chamber Champion
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  • Gold Chamber Champion
    ราคา:$7,500 / 12 เดือน
  • Silver Chamber Champion

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  • Bronze Chamber Champion
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  • Large Non-profit (+20 employees)
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  • Small Non-profit
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  • 1-5 Full Time Employees

    If you are a business owner or individual proprietor, and you are located or do business in The Village, Chelsea, Union Square, Flatiron, NOHO or SOHO, then you should be a member of the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce (GVCCC). Membership in the Chamber is a way to connect with both the businesses that operate within these communities and the community itself! Whether you are a large organization or a sole proprietor, we offer various levels of memberships and one is sure to be right for you.

    Be Part of Our Community

    Learn ways to give back and be a positive influence on the community through our various committees. Our Women in Business, advocacy, and Membership committees are just a few that help the Chamber fulfill its mission to serve local businesses.

    Reach 8,000+ Subscribers

    The GVCCC weekly newsletter goes out to over 8,000 active subscribers every week. As a member, you get to advertise in the newsletter four times a year! Plus, if you have a great mention in the press or other announcements you want to share, we'll be happy to send that out as well.

    Event Discounts

    Check out our event calendar for upcoming workshops and networking opportunities.

    Be More Social

    GVCCC strongly encourages all of our members to be active participants on social media. To that end, we have taken an active role in boosting members social media presence. We collect and recommend that all of our members like or follow each others pages. In addition, we place all of members handles on our website to boost their social media presence.

    Expand Your Network

    One of our main goals is for you to meet new potential clients, suppliers, and partners. We do this by organizing several networking meetings, luncheons, and mixers throughout the year, each with high quality leads ready to meet you.

    Leverage Our Network

    Connect with local agencies that will help your business thrive. Leverage Chamber relationships with:

    • Local NYPD precincts
    • Local BIDs
    • NYC SBS
    • NYC Business Solution

    Learn How To Grow Your Business

    Attend panel discussions, seminars, and workshops to learn about important issues, new strategies, and innovatioive mechanisms for your business. Members are also encouraged to speak at events with the Chamber. We can even make new workshops specifically for your areas of expertise!

    Join Us for Business Expos & Markets

    We always maintain a strong presence at business expos all year round, and we bring our members' promotional materials with us! Additionally, our members can receive comp tickets to attend these events. We also host our own consumer-facing markets throughout the year both for B2B and B2C, where you can reach 3,000+ locals in one day.

    Get Referrals

    We only refer within the Chamber family. Receive quality leads and even dedicated introductions to all our members through personal email introduction.

    ราคา:$240 / 12 เดือน
  • 6-10 Full Time Employees
    ราคา:$315 / 12 เดือน
  • 11-20 Full Time Employees
    ราคา:$390 / 12 เดือน
  • 21- 35 Full Time Employees
    ราคา:$510 / 12 เดือน
  • 36-50 Full Time Employees
    ราคา:$630 / 12 เดือน
  • 51-100 Full Time Employees
    ราคา:$945 / 12 เดือน
  • 100+ Full Time Employees
    ราคา:$1,260 / 12 เดือน